Level Ground - Dark & Strong - Ground

Level Ground - Dark & Strong - Ground


Roast Profile: Dark


Tasting Notes: Bold, rich, intense, a classic!


Taste DescriptionCrisp, round citrus, dark chocolate, “coffee”, sweet spice


The coffee that started it all! There is no coffee that better expresses a true “coffee” flavour than Colombian coffee. The clean, high-grown arabica; the rich, carefully selected dark roast. These two elements combine to bring you a true crowd pleaser. Best in drip or French Press – but so versatile that you can trust this coffee to perform everywhere.

Origin: 100% Single Origin Colombian Arabica Beans


Elevation: 1,750+ metres above sea level

  • Fair Trade
  • Small batch roasted in Victoria, BC, Canada
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Social Impact: Female farmer empowerment, sanitation upgrades, increased productivity education